Bed Bug Consulting

Workshops and Procedures that help property managers and hotels exterminate bed bugs in-house




Save Time and Money

Is your company or organization looking for a long term solution to bedbugs? Looking to update your internal protocols to a safe, effective, modern standard? We can help! We provide professional consulting for any size organization.

Consulting for In-House Bed Bug Extermination, Identification, and Preventative Operating Procedures

Bite Back Bed Bug Removal offers bed bug consulting to any corporate or non-profit entity looking to initiate an in-house policy and procedure detailing the identification and extermination of bed bug infestations. Whether you are looking to protect your employees or tenants from bringing in or taking home bed bugs, save money on repeated treatment by training in-house staff to identify and exterminate bed bug infestations in a structure, or create an updated standard operating procedure to include a safe and accurate bed bug protocol, Bite Back can help.

Our training and consulting staff can come to your location or offer a video remote workshop that can cover everything from training maintenance and facilities staff the process of identifying the early stages bed bug infestations, best practices to ensure bed bugs are not being brought in and taken out of a location, or the proper equipment and procedures for in-house bed bug extermination and prevention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to make the process as painless as possible. Below are answers to some of the most common inquiries we receive. If you have any further questions, please call us!

How Long Will it Take?

The time involved is determined by the service desired. A typical informational training session usually takes around an hour. If you desire procedural extermination and inspection training, that will take around three to four hours. Call and we can tailor a plan for you and let you know the exact time-line so you can schedule your time appropriately.

Are Services Discreet?

Absolutely. We arrive in an unmarked car. We do not wear any insignia on our clothing. If anyone asks what we are doing, we can tell them we are carpet and upholstery cleaners. If you need us to come outside of working hours, let us know and we can accommodate that. 

How Does Remote Training Work?

We currently use Zoom video conferencing for remote work. You will receive an invite to download the video player and join a chat, then we can give our presentation, answer questions, and offer any further guidance. In-person is always best, but not always an option and can be more costly. Remote lessons offer a great intro. *Extermination Training can ony be done in person

Let Us Create A Plan For You

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