Is chemical or heat treatment better for bed bug extermination?


Well, in our most humble (if not completely unbiased) option, heat is a far superior way to deal with bed bug infestations than chemical remediation.


We at Bite Back have a success rate of 98-99%, with near 80% of those jobs needing only one treatment to eliminate the infestation completely, mainly because heat kills both bugs and eggs at the same time. 


Chemical treatments always take at least 2 treatments, and sometimes upwards of four or five. Chemicals don’t effectively kill the eggs, so the first treatment kills the bugs, then the second treatment, two weeks later, will kill the bugs that just hatched. This means that for two weeks you will continue to get bit and have bugs in your space. And if chemicals missed anything at all, the bugs can easily reproduce and start the whole process over again.


But for the meantime, let’s just forget about who is most effective, and let’s think about the impact beyond our homes. 


Chemicals are, well, chemicals. Not so good. They kill things. That’s their job. Companies try to make just the only thing they effect is bugs, but that’s essentially impossible.


Chemicals get into the lungs and skin of the technician treating the home. Chemicals are sprayed on your bed and the beds of your children (chemicals which on a regular basis are used and then later banned because research found them to be harmful to humans and wildlife). Chemicals end up in the yard and seep into the groundwater, the same water you drink which no filter can remove. Chemicals kill beneficial insects as well, including bees.


The general rule I have with chemicals is: if you don’t have to use them, don’t. 


Bite Back was started as a way to curtail the unnecessary and often dangerous use of chemical pesticides to treat bed bug infestations. Steam is not only more effective than chemical treatments, but also great for the environment! We use zero, yes ZERO, chemicals while still retaining a 98% effective rate, which is the same if not better than chemical treatments.


And because our customers choose our steam heat extermination instead of a chemical treatment, well, we did the math! Since 2011 we’ve kept over 140,000 oz of chemical aerosol, 430 pounds of chemical-laden powder, and 780 gallons of liquid chemical spray out of the air, water, and soil.


We at Bite Back exist not just to save the sanity and sanctity of our customers and their family, but also to protect the environment. Thank you for helping us do so, and if you need any help or have any questions just call us at 617-655-6548.