Our Guarantee

Bite Back offers what we believe to be the best guarantee in the business.


Why A 90 Day Guarantee?

Let’s say we treat your home and, worst case scenario, a few eggs survive. A bed bug egg takes 6-10 days to hatch and a month to become an adult. That bug must feed five times in order to reach the adult stage. Once an adult, it will lay eggs, which will take 6-10 days to hatch and a month to become an adult. Those adults will lay more eggs which will hatch and become adults. Therefore, if there was a continued infestation within 90 days, there would be three generations of bed bugs. Which means if you still had bed bugs by the end of that span, you would know it. Some companies offer 12-24 month guarantees, but often those only include one retreatment and/or don’t include full money back guarantees. Do you really want to work with someone who thinks it might take two years to solve your problem? We don’t do gimmicks. We do effective, affordable bed bug removal.

Bite Back’s Guarantee

Bite Back Bed Bug Removal of Boston, LLC will conduct a pesticide free extermination treatment primarily through the use of steam heat that will result in the elimination of a bed bug infestation in a designated structure. The guarantee includes as many retreatments as necessary to eliminate the infestation at no additional cost for 90 days from the date of the original treatment if evidence confirms a continued infestation.


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