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Preparation List


For effective bed bug eradication, we need your help! The following is a list of preparation work that should be completed before the service date. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (617) 655-6548.

  • Remove all sheets, pillow cases, matress covers, bed skirts and blankets from the beds and couches, as well as clothes from your dresser (unless otherwise instructed) and put these items into large plastic bags and take them to a laundromat. Put these items, dry, in a commercial dryer on high heat for a 60 minutes minimum. Feel free to wash them as well, but it is the dryer that will kills the bugs and everything must go into the dryer DRY for this process to be effective. Throw away any bags used to transport, then place dried items in new bags, seal them and put them in unaffected areas such as the garage, kitchen, bathtub or outside until the service has been completed. Any larger comforters or duvets should be run for 90 minutes to ensure the comforter is sufficiently heated.


  • Remove all clothing from dressers. Put them in the dryer for 60 minutes and then put them in plastic bags or containers until the service has been completed. Hanging clothes are included in this step only in rooms that have signs of infestation. If there are washable curtains or tapestries hanging near any infested piece of furniture, take them down and dry them for minimum 60 minutes on high heat as well. Nothing needs to be done with shoes.


  • If the mattress is ripped or damaged, it is suggested the customer throw away the mattress or buy a mattress cover to place over the mattress after the service is complete. If the purchaser is not willing to adhere to this and the technician finds the damage will prevent proper treatment, the guarantee will be forfeited or service can be denied.


  • A limited number of smaller items from night stands/under the bed, such as books, paperwork, and shoes can be treated by our portable heat box. Simply leave a bag or two and we will take care of the rest.


  • Items in the kitchen and bathrooms do not need to be moved unless infestation is present in those areas.


  • Domesticated pets such as dogs or cats must be checked for bed bugs before treatment. Taking them outside and thoroughly brushing them is sufficient. Nothing need be done with caged animals like lizards, birds, etc.


  • After treatment, everything can be returned to its original place. If infestation returns, the same preparation steps need to be followed in infested area in order to be eligible for retreatment.


  • After the treatment, thoroughly vacuum, especially in previously infested areas. Immediately throw away vacuum bag or empty the canister. Do not vacuum the diatomaceous earth that may be left by the technician for a minimum of four weeks unless otherwise instructed.

Frequently Asked Questions


The process of preparing for an effective treatment can often feel overwhelming, but don’t stress. We are here to help. The following video, by owner Jacob Marsh, addresses many of the commonly asked questions about preparation work that are not directly addressed in the above list. If you have any further questions, please call!